August 6, 2022

Corn Dogs blow out Generals 12-2, play final home game Saturday, host playoff game Tuesday

By Andrew Mild

It is scoreboard watching season in the Northern League. With the Joliet Generals and the NWI Oilmen in a race for third place, the Corn Dogs-Generals game Friday had playoff implications. The Generals were watching from their dugout in Crown Point, while the Oilmen did the same half an hour away. The Corn Dogs will get either team for Tuesday’s play-in game.

Check out the box score on Pointstreak.

In the first inning, the Corn Dogs were able to start where they left off after their 17-0 win the day before against the American Giants. Scott Hansen, who’s been the Corn Dogs’ hottest hitter as of late, hit a rising liner over the left field wall for his first home run this season. 

The catcher Ranko Stevanovic dug in with the bases loaded, and an 0-2 count sent a screamer into left field that scored a pair to make it 3-0 Corn Dogs. Danny Puplava singled in another run, and after one just inning the score was 4-0.

Nobody scored for a few innings until the fourth when the Generals’ Grant Cwick singled in Jack Dupuis. Luckily. the Corn Dogs were able to work around the bases loaded and the end top of the fourth.

Here come the Corn Dogs

Lake County scored eight runs in the next half of the fourth, with three runs coming from a home run that ricocheted off the right field foul pole. This was Jake Ferry’s fourth home run this season. Stevanovic hit his second double into right field to unload the bases, finishing the game with five RBIs.

The Corn Dogs were winning 12-1 thanks to two huge innings. The Generals would score just one more run in the top of the fifth. Final score: Corn Dogs 12, Generals 2.

Stevanovic won the Macron Player of the Game with his performance. He finished the game 2-4 with two doubles and five RBI’s in his third game with the Corn Dogs. In three games Stevanovic has a .625 average, six RBI’s and three doubles.

The Corn Dogs play their final game of the regular season Saturday (August 6) at home. Their record stands at 34-11, and have won four straight games, including 20 wins at Legacy Fields.

Photo by Josh Brunette


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