June 30, 2024

Stellar Cyber Sponsorship Helps Corn Dogs Build Safe Cyber Awareness

This Lake County Corn Dogs welcomed a new sponsor this season — all the way from Silicon Valley, California  — Steller Cyber, the cybersecurity company behind the Don’t Click It, Pitch It! public service initiative.

Thanks to their generous sponsorship, the Corn Dogs are airing Stellar Cyber the Don’t Click It, Pitch It! commercials during their broadcasts on WJOB Radio, JEDtv and Facebook Live. The Corn Dogs are also reading public service announcements on behalf of Stellar Cyber between innings while the company’s banner adorns the left field wall at Legacy Fields.

The Corn Dogs are in some pretty good company with Stellar Cyber, which is also a sponsor of the Ogden Raptors in Utah and the Oakland Ballers in California. The Ogden Raptors alone draw over 150,000 attendees annually, 30% of whom are under 25 years old. All funds raised by Don’t Click It, Pitch It! will be directed to program affiliates 4-H and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Cyber Awareness Inspired

Aiming to educate five million teens about identifying potential threats over the next six years, Don’t Click It, Pitch It! is inspiring greater cybersecurity awareness for everyone. This program teaches individuals how to recognize and prevent cyberattacks (such as identity theft and data breaches) on their devices by showing them how to handle suspicious emails and text messages.

Steve Garrison, senior vice president of Marketing for Stellar Cyber, said that technology alone can’t protect us, that we must learn how to respond appropriately. He knows all too well how frequently hackers target young adults and teens. His own daughter fell victim to a hacker when she was sent an offer that seemed too good to be true from the widely popular Instagram app.

“We don’t often think about our children needing to worry about cyberattacks and having their information stolen, but it’s crucial that our next generation is aware and well prepared to handle these challenges,” said Garrison. “That’s why I wanted to start this program.”

Why the Corn Dogs believe in cybersecurity

At first glance, phishing emails and messages may appear harmless, but clicking embedding links allows hackers to steal sensitive personal information and erodes user trust in technology and devices. Whether malicious emails feature tempting offers or pose as threatening messages, links clicked or attachments downloaded can seriously compromise a user’s personal information.

By 2030, Stellar Cyber hopes to teach over five million young adults how to identify and effectively prevent cybersecurity threats to protect their personal information and conversations. In today’s quickly evolving tech world, proper training and education are essential to restoring safety and trust in our online behaviors. Overall, Don’t Click It, Pitch It! teaches young people how to spot dangers and instills a proactive mindset toward cybersecurity.

“The sooner we create global awareness around how hackers are targeting children,” Garrison said, “The sooner we put an end to ease of access for cybercriminals.”

Minority Owner Jim Masters, a business associate of Garrison’s from their work in the cybersecurity world, said the Corn Dogs organization practices safe cyber habits and has the necessary protections in place on the team’s website.

“If we sell you something online, we have to be certain your information is protected,” Masters said. “We encourage our fans to embrace the great advice that Don’t Click It, Pitch It! provides around good cyber hygiene.”


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